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The medical directors at Partnership Health Plan of California (PHC) are responsible for rendering clinical judgment in the areas of medical necessity for utilization management, grievances and appeals, quality incentive programs, potential quality issues, and health plan policies and procedures. They are experienced primary care physicians, board certified in either pediatrics, internal medicine or family medicine. 

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Care Through Video: Key Skills for PCP Office Staff

Primary care clinicians who are willing and able to use video technology to deliver care will be more successful if the office builds the necessary and critical physical and personnel infrastructure. Managers of primary care practices that have increased the amount of care delivered over video have focused their energies on operational workflows and training of office staff to help build this capacity.

PHC is sponsoring an educational webinar targeted to support all staff members in order to help make video visits a success. ResolutionCare, a palliative care organization serving many rural PHC counties, has built its business on optimizing video visits to connect meaningfully with patients dealing with life-limiting illness. 

Medical Directors

The PHC medical directors are proud of their role in promoting access to high-quality health care for the Medi-Cal population in PHC's 14 counties. The medical directors are responsive to inquiries from our clinician network, pro-active in addressing quality and systems issues they encounter, and logical and rational in their approach to complex medical scenarios. 

Chief Medical Officer: 

Robert Moore, MD MPH MBA, Family Medicine

Regional Medical Directors: 

Northern Region (Shasta, Siskiyou, Trinity, Modoc, Lassen): David Glossbrenner, MD MBA, Internal Medicine

Northwest Region (Humboldt, Del Norte): Jeff Ribordy, MD MPH, Pediatrics

Southeast Region (Yolo, Solano, Napa): Colleen Townsend, MD, Family Medicine

Southwest Region (Marin, Sonoma, Mendocino, Lake): Marshall Kubota, MD, Family Medicine

Associate Medical Director for Quality: 

Mark Netherda, MD, Family Medicine

Associate Medical Directors:

Bettina Spiller, MD, Family Medicine; James Cotter, MD MPH, Family Medicine; Mark Glickstein, MD, Internal Medicine; David Katz, MD, Family Medicine  


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