LTC Quality Improvement Program


The Long-Term Care Quality Improvement Program (LTC QIP), established in 2016, is a pay-for-performance program for invited long-term care facilities serving Medi-Cal members in the Partnership HealthPlan of California (PHC) network. The goal of this program is to improve the quality of long-term care provided to PHC members by offering participating facilities substantial financial incentives in exchange for meeting selected performance targets. In collaboration with LTC representatives, a simple, meaningful measurement set has been developed and includes measures in the following domains:

      • Clinical
      • Functional Status
      • Resource Use
      • Operations & Satisfaction

LTC QIP Overview

To help orient our providers to the LTC QIP year, we have provided a summary of measures and measure specifications below.

2022 Summary of Measures 
2022 Measure Specifications


June 2022
January 2022


View the current year's LTC QIP webinars.​​

LTC QIP Webinars


Access information such as previous measurement sets, trainings, and resources in the LTC QIP Archive.

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