Immunization Campaign

The material below was created as part of the effort to increase immunization within specific counties. Please feel free to use this material to increase awareness among your patients and the community you serve.

As additional material is developed, we will make it available here.



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2019 Recommended Immunization Schedule


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Immunization Training Guide


Click Here to view guide. 

Within the guide the following topics are covered:

    • Financing, Ordering, and Maintaining Supply
    • Storage and Handling of Vaccines
    • Communicating With Parents About Vaccines
    • Vaccine Administration
    • Immunization Information Systems or Registries
    • Provider Prompts and Patient Reminder and Recall Systems
    • Standards for Child and Adolescent Immunization Practices
    • Tracking Adverse Events Post-licensure: Vaccine Adverse
    • Event Reporting System and Vaccine Safety Datalink
    • Vaccine Information Statements

Talking with Parents about Vaccines for Infants

    • Strategies for Health Care Professionals - Click Here

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