PCP QIP Equity Adjustment

In 2022, Partnership proposed to its advisory committees adjusting the dollars at risk for the PCP QIP based on a variety of factors to make the amount more equitable. This does not impact the core measure set as the mechanism for determining how much of the money at risk is awarded based on quality performance. The exact methodology for the MY 2023 dollar adjustment has been finalized. The PCP QIP network was notified of their PCP site specific PMPM on Friday, September 29, 2023. An email with site specific information was sent to each site from the QIP team. If you would like us to re-send this information, please contact us at: qip@partnershiphp.org. To have PCPs have some idea of what their PMPM at risk is, we present a calculation of the site specific PMPM you would be assigned if we calculated it today. The final PMPM will be recalculated in March 2024, using the most updated data available. This updated final PMPM will be used for 2023 PCP QIP payment. Emails with updated PMPM site specific information will be sent out by the QIP team in March 2024.

Equity Adjustment Presentations

Optimizing Documentation of Patient Acuity Webinar 
September 28, 2023

PCP QIP Updates Webinar
August 17, 2023

Equity Risk Calculation Table

Equity Adjustment Specifications

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